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New York Guide To Sustainable Viticulture Practices

Published by Cornell Cooperative Extension
New York Guide To Sustainable Viticulture Practices offers grape growers in New York and other regions of the northeastern United States guidance in the evaluation and adoption of best management practices to minimize environmental impacts, reduce economic risks and protect worker health and safety. These practices include: soil management to reduce erosion, runoff and leaching; use of integrated pest management (IPM) practices for insect, disease and weed management; nutrient management, with a particular focus on nitrogen use; pesticide management and spray technology; and cultural practices used in viticulture. The workbook asks growers 134 questions related to these practices.

After answering the questions, growers can develop an action plan based on the results of their self-assessment. The action plan addresses those practices they believe can be effectively modified within the financial and management capacity of their farm.

126 Pages in a 3-ring binder, 8 page scoresheet in binder flap.