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Vegetables of New York - Sweet Corn

William T. Tapley, Walter D. Enzie, Glen P. Van Eseltine

(Limited Release - Original Uncirculated Copies)

The Vegetables of New York was planned as a three volume series. Each volume was to be made up of four or five parts, each part devoted to one particular vegetable grown in New York State. Only the first four parts-peas, beans, corn and cucurbits were published.

Vol. 1—Part III Sweet Corn published in 1934 contains 111 pages with 24 beautiful hand illustrated color plates depicting corn varieties.

From the Preface: 'The Vegetables of New York is intended to be a more or less complete record of the vegetables grown in New York. In this work the separate chapters give the historical and botanical status of Maize; full horticultural descriptions of sweet and other types of corn used as a vegetable; and as complete a history of the evolution of these varieties as will show their past and present standing.'

Measures 9 x 12 inches with a heavy card stock cover in a cardboard envelope.