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English Produce Safety Alliance Train-the-Trainer Manual

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Train-the-Trainer Manual includes the following:

  • English PSA Grower Training Manual13 tabbed sections, 368 pages, spiral bound,  V1.2.
  • Trainer supplement, 4 tabbed sections, 48 pages, punched for 3-ring binder;

    3-ring binder not included.  Only one binder is required because the PSA Train-the-Trainer Manual is designed to be placed after the PSA Grower Training Manual in the binder (i.e., the PSA Train-the-Trainer tabbed sections continue where the Grower Training Manual leaves off)

  • USB thumb drive containing PowerPoint files for modules 1-7 in the PSA Grower Training Manual and other supporting documents is NO LONGER SUPPLIED.  Information for accessing PowerPoint files is shared at PSA Train-the-Trainer Courses.

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